jueves, 3 de julio de 2014

Waiting for the final version of "Lean Enterprise"

Lean Enterprise

Adopting Continuous Delivery, DevOps, and Lean Startup at Scale

The book is interesting but I miss the pending parts.
The way they wrote about innovation and the software development process is very attractive. It has very interesting quotes like "...But the biggest inefficiency in software development is creating products and features that are not used, or do not deliver the expected business value".
It can open your eyes to see the importance of agile methodologies (if you don't do yet).
It is a material that you need to have on your desktop, but I recommend you to wait for the final version. It has a lot of "(to come)" notes that don't makes you enjoy entirely the book.
If you can't wait, you can read the chapters 1 How to make "Enterprise Scale" Work; 4 Growing An Innovation Culture; and 5 Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Wait for the final version or you read it now, I'm sure that is a book to have.

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